Sync Computer Services began in Atlanta, GA in 1991. Relocating to Jacksonville, FL in 1996, we have been here ever since. We have been fortunate enough to retain the same staff since we began, and have slowly added to that over the years. However, the major growth has been in the depth of clients we now serve. From the single user at home, student at college, to networks covering over 500 users, we handle them all. We are solely referral based, which is the purest form of growth. Everyone we served then, we serve now. We have never lost a client ...ever.

The environments that we are proficient in include (but are not limited to)

  • OS - Win 95, 98, ME, Win2000, XP Home, XP Pro, NT, Server (heavy - all issues), Apple / Macintosh OS 8.5 > 10.4 Tiger
  • Hardware - Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, Sony, Fujitsu, Apple, etc
  • Software - Exchange, Domino, Notes, MS Office, Adobe, Corel, QuickBooks (Heavy - author add ins), Act! (ver 6> 2005 Workgroups)
  • Programming - ASP, PHP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, AS/400, .NET, SQL, Access, Javascript, DHTML, DCOM, COM, OCX, AppleScript, VBScript, DB400, RPG, Java!

Sync is now an official APPLE Value added Reseller /AGENT

Click the Apple to shop - please be sure to use

AGENT ID  AA071725

when/where prompted. We will be ther reseller of record, and ultimately, your warranty provider. We are proud to be part of the Apple family, and only one of five authorized providers in North Florida!

Info for SYNC INC  /APPLE  Clients
The Apple Authorized Business Agent online store at is where your customers will place their orders.  Only orders placed on the online Business Agent Store and identified with the Agent ID will be eligible for Agent access and warranty assistance.  To connect purchases made by your customers to your warranty provider accont, your Agent ID must be entered in the “Enter Agent Code” field in the “Agent Sales” section of the “Verify your Order” page at the end of the checkout process






8110 Cypress Plaza Drive - Suite 202 - Jacksonville, FL 32256  Phone: (904) 223-9630   Fax: (904) 212-0482